history of aniamtion

  • Flip Book introduced

    this book is a series of pictures on each page. once flipped rapidly, the pictures create a moving image. John Brnes discovered this field of mtoion pictures and aniamtion
  • Period: to

    history of aniamtion

  • Stop Motion

    Albert Smith and Stuart Blackton were the first people use to stop motion when they created Humpty Dumpty
  • Fantasmagorie

    Film was released in 1908 and was considered one of the first fully animated films ever made. 700 drawings and had a running time of only 2 minutes
  • Gertie the dinosaur

    not the first aniamted film, although it is considered the first animation to have an appealing personality. running time :12 minutes
  • alices wonderland

    Alices wonderland was first film featuring alice. black and white silent film. running time : 12 minutes 29 secs
  • Disney brothers studio openning

    founded by walt and roy disney. company was opened during silent era and alice comedeies began.
  • Mickey Mouse

    introduced by walt disney. mickeys first debut was in plane crazy. the first mickey cartoon with sound was with steam boat willy
  • tom & jerry

    joesph barbra & william hanna re created series with mouse & cat instead of humans .
  • Jurasstic park

    created realistic animals and used cgi. highly prized film
  • toy story

    was released by disney / pixar. first film entirly created with computer technology. 100% mad eon computer