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History of America ( 19th and 20th century)

  • Period: to

    Civil war

    There were several causes of the Civil war but one of them was the question of slavery in America. South states would keep slave trade but the others including republicans and Lincoln were against. Lincoln led the North states faced Jefferson David, leader of the Conferderate who wanted secession from USA. There were various battles to have the states but at the end, Union led by Lincoln wan and abolish slavery. Natan Bedford Forrest was a lieutenant from the South during the Civil War.
  • Period: to

    Reconstruction era

    This is a period in course of which both presidents Lincoln and Johnson decided bring the South back to normal quickly. They enfranchise the "freedmen" and then president Grant enforced the safety of afro-americans. This is the president who forbade the KKK
  • Creation of KKK

    Creation of KKK
    The Ku Klux Klan has been founded in 1865 after the Defeat of South during the Civil war. Its main aim was to impose white supremacy and kill black people and also white republicans during the reconstruction of United States. The president at this moment was Andrew Johnson. In 1871, the KKK is declared illegal and as a cult.
  • Creation of NRA

    Creation of NRA
    The national rifle association (NRA) has been founded in 1871 by William Conant Church and George Wood Wingate . The aim is to protect gun rights in USA. Actually they educate the civilians to bear arms and protect how protect themselves with firegun. This association has been created during the mandate of Grant.
    NRA website
  • Period: to

    Segregation in USA

    It began with the legislation of Jim Crow laws which affects the black community. Indeed those "laws" are against the equality of black and white people. According to them it is "separate but equal, that's the law". In fact there is a hard discrimination until 1964 and the prohibition of discrimination in the Civil Rights act. It began with the president Grant.
  • Inauguration of the Statue of Liberty

    Inauguration of the Statue of Liberty
    Created by Bartholdi and Eiffel, the Statue is a gift given by France to United States. It is located in New York in Liberty Island. Its real name is "Liberty Enlightening The World" because of its crown and torch.
  • Period: to

    World War one

    The United states came in Europe for World War one in 1917 after submarine attacks by the germans. They sent approwimately 3 millions of soldiers and a lot died during the conflict.
  • Period: to

    Second World war

    USA came into war in 1941 after Pearl Harbor attack by Japan. They sent a lot of planes to bomb Japan and at the end of the war, they dropped two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that is why Japan will capitulate on August 15th of 1945. They helped much english, french soldiers against Hitler.
  • Period: to

    Viet Nam war

    In 1955, there are two parts in Viet Nam : one in the south supported by USA and in the north upported by communist countries. There are tensions after the Geneva Conventions and a new insurrectionary group is created at the North to free the South. USA came in the conflict, against the northern Vietnam. They bombed the north and then a lot of americans showed that they were against.
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus

    Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus
    During segregation, Rosa Parks, an African-American took the bus and refused her place to a white person. She has been arrested and condamned for that "crime" for no respecting segregation laws. It has been a turning point in the history of discrimination because she said segregation is illegal. Then, activists of Civil Rights initiated a boycott in the bus of Montgomery.
  • Period: to

    Hippie movement

    It began in 1966, when several bands were created. The had different aims like protests against war for instance. They made shows at woodstock against Vietnam war. The new drugs like LSD and Marijuana are often associated with this movement.
  • Enrolment of two black students in a high school in Alabama

    Enrolment of two black students in a high school in Alabama
    Vivian Malone and James Hood tried to enroll in a high school of Alabama. The Governor George Wallace didn't wanted to let them come and stopped them. But the deputy Katzenbach asked the president Kennedy to change the law and the two students could study in this High school. Then Vivian Malone became the first Afro-american graduated.
  • I have a dream

    I have a dream
    Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech "I have a dream" which emphasize his desire of a united country between black and white people, the equality between them. He made this speech in front of the Lincoln memorial. this is an emblem of freedom. The president was Kennedy at this moment and he helped stopping segregation.
    Part of the speech "I have a dream"
  • Kennedy's assassination

    The president John F. Kenned is murdered in 1963 when is was into his function car at Dallas with his wife. The main man suspected is Lee Harvey Oswald and he was killed two days after Kennedy's murder. The president was in Texas to incite people in voting for him during the next campaign. Four years later, his brother Robert Kennedy is assassinated too.
  • Creation of Black Panther Party

    This a movement socialist for the equality of black and white people in USA. They made some actions to stop segregation in the country. It was created by Bobby Sale and Huey Newton. But this group was destroyed in 1982. They were very active during the early 70's.
  • First walk on the moon

    First walk on the moon
    Armstrong and his team arrived on the moon with the mission Apollo 11 the 21th of July 1969. Once he touched the moon he declared : "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." USA is the first country who succeed sending men on the moon. It was during the beginning of Nixon's mandate.
  • Ping pong diplomacy

    For the first time since 1949, American players went in China to play the 31th world table tennis championship. This is the first time that americans stood a long time in China (one week). Then, Nixon went in China in 1972 et the relationships between China and USA changed.
  • Beginning of the Watergate scandal

    It began with 5 burglars who entered the Watergate. Then the case is being handled-off but some journalists and judges tried to know what happened. That led to espionage case against the president Nixon and money troubles in the president campaign. In 1974, Nixon resigned because of this case.
    Precise infos about Watergate scandal
  • Creation of Apple

    Creation of Apple
    The giant electronic company is created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. At the beginnig they created computers and became quickly one of the best computing company in the whole world.
    Apple website
  • World Trade Center attacks

    World Trade Center attacks
    Al Qaida hijacked four planes in United States. Two of them crashed into the Twin Towers, one in the pentagon and the last one didn't arrive and crashed in a Pennsylvania. This is the first terrorist attack in the country and 3.000 people died. The government knew directly who led the attacks because Bin Laden already led attacks on American ambassades. The president George W. Bush was in a school at this moment and made a speech on the evening. The Towers fell one quarter after the crash.