Everything you need to know about the history of advertising in one cool infographic

History of Advertising

  • 300

    Egyptian tombs

    Egyptian tombs
    The Greeks engraved theater in stones around 500 B.C. The ancient ruins of cities like Pompeii and Rome showed evidence of message boards on the lime-whitened walls of buildings displaying political and commercial messages for the public to read.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    The Compass

    The Compass
    MAgnet compss have been made somewhat obsolete by satellites and globe positioning system, but their impact on early navigation and exploration was inestimble.
  • Printing Press

    Printing Press
    The first newspaper advertisement for the colonies appeared in the 18th century when in New York was adverticed the Boston News-Letter. Also Ben Franklin began placing advertisements in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729.
  • Pictures to advertisements

    Pictures to advertisements
    Ben Franklin introduced the use of headlines, illustrations, and adverticements placed next to editorial items. He also added pictures to adverticements.
  • Outdoor advertising

    Outdoor advertising
    in the 19th century, circus mogul P. T. Barnum helped spur the growth of outdoor advertising. He created unique advertising in the form of banners for his museum and traveling circus. One of them was "Caravans of Giant Coursing Elephants and Camels"
  • Magazines

    Adverticements where appearing in magazines each moth nationaly. The ads get readers attention.
  • Post cards

    Post cards
    Advertising manuals increasingly recommend the use of post cards as a low cost mean direct communccation with consumers.
  • Radio

    Advertising could be heard for the first time through the use of radio in 1920s. The first commercial was broadcast in 1922. Radio programming include soup operas, music, and serial adventures. Radio advertising grew in the 1930s and 1940s. Radio appeared in every homes of America.
  • Television Advertisement

    Television Advertisement
    The invention of television in the 1920s changed everything. television had a remarcable impact on the advertising industry and the way products where sold.
  • Internet Adverticement

    Internet Adverticement
    Chat rooms, blogs, e-mails, pop-up advertisements, instant messaging, and web page notices are just a few of the ways advertisers can let people who are surfing the Web know about products and services. Online adverticements has presented a challenge to adverticement.
  • Visual and youth oriented

    Visual and youth oriented
    In early 21st century, advertising became more visiual-and youth- oriented. Advertising also entered the electronic age. Various forms of advertisments began popping up on the internet. However, it wasn't an easy transition.Technnology problems, such as compatibilty and bandwhdth issues, had to be addressed.
  • Sustainable Advertising

    Sustainable Advertising
    The pilot program was a bamboo reforestation project. The objective of the project was to sequester the carbon dioxide associated with the company's printing advertising by planting bamboo.