History of a Political Party - Republican Party Timeline

  • Anti-slavery activists founded the Republican party.

  • First party convention took place in Jackson, Michigan

  • John C. Fremont was nominated to be the first presidential candidate

  • Republicans enact first Civil Rights Act

    Republicans in Congress enacted the act to give citizenship and equal rights to people of all races.
  • Creation of the Repyblican Elephant

    Thomas Nast a cartoonist created a cartoon of a Democratic Donkey trying to scare Republican voters who were elephants.
  • Republican Party agreed to Sherman Antitrust Act

  • Republican Party support women's suffrage

    They were the first major political party to support the women's suffrage.
  • Herbert Hoover was elected to be President

  • President Herbert Hoover lost his presidency because he had done nothing about the Great Depression

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to be President

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected to be President

  • Republican Party charges against Korea and the Korean war.

    It helped to defeat Democrats in the Presidential and Congressional elections
  • Republican Party supports Voting Right Act

  • Richard Nixon is elected to be President

  • Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan

  • Reagan was sent to the hospital

    He was shot in the torso by his assailant, John Hinkley, and had to go recooperate in a hospital. Then realed on April 11, 1981.
  • Ronald Reagan elected to be President

  • George W. Bush had been elected to be President

  • John McCain loses the presidency to Barack Obama

  • Mitt Romney runs against Obama for presidentcy