History Forming Artistocracy

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  • May 14, 1550

    A Bad Monarchy

    A Bad Monarchy
    The first government that the country had was a monarchy. It was ruled by a king, the age of 20, who inherited the throne from his father.
  • Dec 23, 1551


    About a year and a half of the new kings ruling the country, for the first time, went into debt. The reasoning was because the royal family wanted to refurnish the palace used a lot of the country's money and citizens taxes to make it happen. Citizens were now starting to talk about removing the king.
  • Feb 22, 1552

    Floyd Defy

    Floyd Defy made himself known to the people by lecturing those who would listen, how the king is not fit to rule the country. Defy was an author and spent many years in education, both learning and teaching. He argued that a leader should have years of experience and knowledge, and enough common sense to rule. On February 22, 1552, Defy held big public meeting and eighty percent of citizens joined to listen to his lectures.
  • Feb 27, 1552


    On the morning of February 27, 1552, Floyd Defy was arrested for hold a public meeting that goes against the King. Defy was thrown into jail and within two hours the King held a public execution and Defy was hanged. The King then decided to throw a shoe at the body. Citizens were furious for multiple reasons and though the King acted out of ignorance was immature.
  • Apr 15, 1552

    Finding a Candidate

    After Defy's death many more citizens rejected the King as their leader as the King continued to use the country's money for selfish needs, and pass ridiculous laws against the people. One being that they cannot say Defy's name.
    Defy's preaches inspired many to look for more qualification in a leader and found another person who might fit their needs. April 15, 1552, citizens marched into the palace with their new candidate.
  • Apr 16, 1552

    David Linq

    David Linq was a scholar on many subjects and he was what the citizens were looking for in a new leader. He was also a friend of Defy. After hours of arguing with the King, the King decided to allow a six-month trial where Linq was the leader. He did this to prove that the citizens wouldn't do any better without him.
  • Oct 13, 1552

    A New Government

    A New Government
    After the six-months were done, every citizen and even the Kings court were all in favor for David Linq to be their new leader. October 13, 1552, the people stood at the palace gates and demanded the king step down. Giving up, the King stepped down as the country's leader and gave the tittle to David Linq. Linq and his group of scholars then lead a new government where the leader would not be heirs but educated, experienced scholars who will make great decisions for the country.
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    Apr 15, 1552
    Sep 20, 1552

    Slowly Doing Better

    A few months into the trial and Linq was already showing how good of a leader he can be. Using his skills as a mathematician he was slowly getting the country out of debt by making rational changes to the budget. Many families were getting their jobs back and putting their life back to the way it was. With changes like these, even the Kings closest friends were leaning towards Linq being a leader.