History Final Unit 2

  • Start of French and Indian war

     Start of French and Indian war
    The British were in a dispute in between the french over the Ohio River teritroy and the allagince of the Native American nations found there.
  • End of French and Indian war

    End of French and Indian war
    The French and Indian war ended in no great victor but it ended in the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The two sides wanted peace after the people they have lost in war.
  • 5 Grievences

    5 Grievences
    The 5 Grievences consisted of the Sugar Act, Townshed Act, Tea Act, Intoleracle Acts and the Stamp Act. They all had a great effect on how people spent their money then.
  • The 4 major battles

    The 4 major battles
    The 4 major wars in the revolutinary wars were Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Yorktown, Saratoga.
  • 5 most important people

    The 5 most important people were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, Thomas Gage
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    In June of 1776 in Philidelphia they signed teh Declaration of Independence to express the 3 main ideas. One of the three ideas are that all men possess unalienable rights. The second point was that all of the colonist rights. The third point as that all of the colonies had the right to break away at any point in time. The impact was greatly with the colonies and how they felt about the one perfect union.