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  • 1,488 BCE

    1488 - Prince henry

    Prince henry the navigator established school for sailors and provided financial support that enabled the portuguese to start.portuguese sailors around africa and found a sea route to asia bartolomeu dias in 1488,sailed from portugal southward made it to the bottom of africa.-discovering southern tip of africa, the cape of good hope
  • 1450

    1450 - Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

    his travels took him though northern Mexico and present-day Arizona and New Mexico until his expedition reached Zuni settlements of the expedition traveled west to the colorado river and east into what is now kansas.
  • 1497

    1497 - vasco da gama

    in 1497,sailed around africa and all the way to india.winning the european race for a sea route to asia.
  • 1497

    1497 - 1499 - human-envir

    onment interaction about how many miles was da gama's.
    1492 - Sailed for spain Tried to reach asia by sailing west across the atlantic.Explorers brought plants,animals, and diseases to the new world of the old world-europe,asia,and,africa. The columbian exchange is the name given to this transfer of,animals,and diseases between the old world (europe) and the new world americas.
  • 1501

    1501 - amerigo vespucc

    America was named for amerigo vespucci,who sailed to south america in 1501 Vasco nunez de balboa crossed central america to discover the pacific ocean Ferdinand magellan headed an expedition in 1519 that circumnavigated, the world.
  • 1513

    1513 - Juan Ponce de Leon

    made the first spanish landing on the east coast of present-day Florida in 1513. According to legend, Ponce de Leon was not looking only for gold he also hoping to find the legendary fountain as a spring of running water of sich marvelous virtue that drinking it makes old men young again.
  • 1519

    1519 - Hernan

    in 1519 hernan cortes landed on the east coast of present-day Mexico.within two years.
  • 1519

    1519 - Francisco Pizarro

    In 1519 pizarro soon controlled most of vast and wealthy Inca Empire.
  • 1520

    1520 - Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca

    was part of spanish expedition to florida the expedition said south toward Mexico in november led by by panfilo de narvaez three of ots five boats were lost in a storm.
  • 1541

    1541 - Hernando de Soto

    led an expedition to explore Florida and what is today the southeastern United States. For three years they traveled following stories of gold.their encounters with the native people often turned violent.De Soto crossed the mississippi river in 1541 describing it as swift and very deep.
  • 1769 - Juan Cabrillo

    first sighted had left the area alone. Around 1769 that policy changed.California was the northern frontier of spanish Empire in North Americans to Chritianity.