History Class Timeline 2021-2022

  • Decleration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence is a "break up letter" that said they want to have independence from the British. All 13 colonies were a part of this. This of course led to the Revolutionary War. This war was the 13 colonies against Britain. This day is important because that's when we got our freedom from the British.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803 it's when Thomas Jefferson bought 530,000,000 acres for $15,000,000. Thomas Jefferson bought the land from France. This did make some people mad because he isn't allowed to spend money without getting confirmation from Congress. They have something called the power of the purse. This day is important because it's the day the US doubled in size and gave more land for jobs and people.
  • Lewis and Clark journey

    The Lewis and Clark journey took place in 1804 when Thomas Jefferson recruited 2 people to explore the unknown of the Louisiana Purchase. Also to find and right down new species and plants. It took 2 years for them to complete their expedition.
  • The Great Depression

    This was a time period where the stock markets crashed and the economy was terrible. A lot of people were sad, starving, and had no water. It was worldwide but it started in the US. It started in 1929 and in 1933. Banks were going out of business actually. Which is crazy to think about. The Great Depression was a terrible time period. Jobs were firing people, wall street workers were going insane and it wiped out millions of investors. Many blamed Herbert Hoover at the time he was the President.
  • 9/11

    This day is when terrorists hijacked 4 planes to hit different places in America. The buildings that were hit were the Twin Towers and Pentagon. 2 planes hit the Twin Towers while 1 plane hit the Pentagon. The other plane crash-landed into a field because the people on the plane went into the cockpit to stop the hijacker from hitting the building he was supposed to hit. This event is important because it's the day all of America united to watch this and pray for the people in the towers.
  • My Birthday

    This is the day I celebrate when I was born.