History Class 2019-2020

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  • 1347

    The Black Death

    The Black Death
    The Black Death was an outbreak of a very sickly and harmful disease, which came from a bacteria. The Black Death killed about 60% of Europe's population. It impacts us still today because it helped us learn what the bacteria is that started it and it helped us advance technologies and figure out how too cure and help prevent this in the future.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration explains why the colonies should tear away from Britain. It states that people have rights that can't be taken away. It lists the complaints against the king, and argues that the colonies have to be free to protect their rights. It impacts us today by signifying the start of a nation and instructs free citizens.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase was a deal between the United States and France. The United States bought the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars. The two greatest impacts of the Louisiana Purchase were that it doubled the size of the United States and it gave the U.S complete control of the Mississippi River. That was amazing since they used it for trading.
  • The Lewis and Clark Journey

    The Lewis and Clark Journey
    The Lewis and Clark Expedition began in 1804. Lewis and Clark were hired to explore and claim new lands west of the Mississippi. The two greatest impacts of the journey were that they discovered 300 new plant and animal species new to European science. They also made new and updated maps of the west.
  • The Donner Party

    The Donner Party
    The Donner Party was a group of Americans who became snowbound in 1846. They explored the area and there was nothing for them, causing them to become starving and run out of resources. Leaving them no choice, they then resorted to cannibalism, which is what they were most known for.
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
    Marin Luther King Jr. inspired so many people throughout his life and through his speeches. On the night of April 3, he gave a speech at a Church in Memphis. The next day, he was standing on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel, where he and his associates were staying, when a bullet struck him in the neck.This impacted us greatly because everyone was in shock and felt different emotions, This caused rioting in more than 100 cities around the country, including burning and looting.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    On July 16th Apollo 11 took off with tons of people watching these astronauts take off. Apollo 11 entered into a lunar orbit on July 19. The next day is when big things happened, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first people to land on the moon. Then about 6 hours later Neil Armstrong was the first to walk upon the moon. This impacted us by showing us what could be done, as well as we got to gain more information about space, especially about the moon.
  • 9/11

    On this September morning a series of 4 terrorist attacks occurred. Two planes went for the Twin Towers, one for the Pentagon, and the last crashed into a field in Shanksville. It will impact us forever as it has created Patriots Day for its remembrance. It still impacts us as well because over $7 billion in compensation was given to victims of 9/11.
  • My Birthday!

    My Birthday!
    I was born on this summer day in July!