• 9050 BCE

    Clovis Spear Point

    it was found nearly 9050 bc or 8800 bc it was used to kill larger animals like mammoths, elephants, and more but it was also used to kill violent animals to
  • 9000 BCE

    Bird Shaped Pestle

    it was used to get seeds, and plants a lot easier and allowed people to get the they used this a lot back then nearly 9000 years ago and they used it for years ahead to collect plant and seed
  • 3500 BCE

    Egyptian Clay Model of Cattle

    it was discovered almost 3500 bc and it was a sculpture dating from the predynastic it was found on graves and it is now help up again in a British museum
  • 2985 BCE

    King Den's Sandal Label

    in 2985 bit was an artifact it was found in the tombs of his death place and was brought out to be seen not much is known about it but it is said that he smited his enemies in Egyptian art and became a royal image
  • 1450 BCE

    Jomon Pot

    found to be dayed in 14.500 bce it was a well a pot it was used to store valuables and there is not much info said but it indicating that back then in japan as it was more adapting to new style it was used as storage
  • 1100 BCE

    Ain Sakhri Lovers Figurine

    it was discovered to be used 11,000 years ago they used it for...well sexual stuff it is now currently in a British museum to this day shown on display
  • 715 BCE

    Maya Maize God Statue

    it is said to be made in 715 bc and it was made of limestone for 2 different parts it was an anniversary of his accession to the throne
  • 300 BCE

    Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool

    stone tools were an advancement to the technology of today as back then they had to use the stone to break trees, leaves, branches, and even kill it was something that was used a lot back then also to fight as not all people were friendly but the majority of it was for material collecting to live
  • 40 BCE

    Olduvai Hand Axe

    the handaxe was used 1.5 million years ago and like stone tools, it was used for a lot of daily tasks and objectives it was used a lot majority of the time skinning animals it was also quite used for slicing tree skin for smooth wood
  • 13 BCE

    Swimming Reindeer

    it was a sculpture found 13.000 years ago and is now in a British museum for people to see it was carved by someone unknown the mystery remains to this day but it showed that a lot of art back then was done in rocks/stones