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History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban ll calls for the Crusades

    The Pope calls for a series of holy wars to take back the holy land from the Muslims
  • 1200

    The Commercial Revolution

    The Commercial Revolution was a change due to trade. It led to a movement of goods and trade which shifted power from the countryside to the cities. Entrepreneurship began and merchants began to shape their own destiny.
  • 1254

    Marco Polo's Birth

    Marco Polo was born in 1254 AD to a family of merchants in Venice, Italy, which was a center of commerce and trading in the Mediterranean area.
  • 1293

    The Polos Begin a Journey

    The Polo family began a journey back home after collecting ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain, and silk. They left with several hundred passengers, but because the journey was so dangerous they returned with only 18 including the Polo family.
  • 1298

    Marco Polo's Endings

    In a battle, Marco Polo was captured as a prisoner of war. He met a writer who encouraged him to write a book about his successes. Polo's book reveals to readers the benefits of trade and exploration but it also can warn people that danger lies ahead.
  • 1300

    The Birth of The Renaissance

    Beginning in the 14th century, there was a renewed interest in ideas from ancient Greece and Rome.
  • 1440

    The Printing Press

    It is said to be the most important invention of the Renaissance, the printing press was created by Johann Gutenberg. It allowed information to be distributed to a wide audience, as well as the spread of new scientific ideas and methods.
  • The End of the Renaissance

    The Renaissance continued until the 17th century when Europeans started to study Greek and Roman arts, writings, mathematics, and science. They built upon these new ideas to reach new heights in their society.