History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban || calls for the Crusades

    The Pope called for a series of holy wars to win back the Holy Lands from the Muslims in the East.
  • 1200

    The Commercial Revolution

    The Commercial Revolution was new change due to commerce, and or trade. In the new order, the Commercial Revolution led to a movement of goods and trade that shifted power from the countryside of the manors and estates to the cities. The landlord became less powerful while the merchant class became even more powerful
  • 1254

    Marco Polo was born

    In this year Marco Polo was born to a family of merchants in Venice, Italy where there was lots of commerce and trade.
  • 1293

    The Polos began their journey back home

    They began their journey back home from East and South Asia and the Middle East. He came home with ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain, silk, and several hundred passengers, but most of the passengers dies from storms and diseases
  • 1298

    Marco Polo was captured and died (but made his book)

    In this year Marco Polo captained a ship in a battle against Venice's rival city, Genoa. He was captured as a prisoner of war but while he was he met a writer to influence him to write a book about his journeys. This book made him very famous and this influenced other people to go explore.
  • 1300

    The Renisaunce

    The renaissance is beginning to increase. People start having new ideas for new inventions
  • 1440

    The Printing Press is made

    In this year the printing press invented by German Johann Gutenberg. This was the most important invention through the Renaissance and maybe the history of the world
  • Scientific Revolution

    Where people made great studies in science and mathematics. People made new inventions such as the Scientific Method