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  • William Seward buys alaska

    William Seward  buys alaska
    He arranged for the US to buy Alaska from the russians
  • Nawsa

    This group worked on having equal rights for women like being ablt to vote
  • Yellow Journelism

    Yellow Journelism
    The journalist would blow things out of perportion to get the american people to be in favore of war.
  • The USS Maine was sank

    The USS Maine was sank
    This was ordered to bring american citizens home from cuba
  • Open Door Notes

    Open Door Notes
    These were sent to other leaders of the world about china
  • Pure food and drug act

    Pure food and drug act
    Helped to keep the sale of contaminated foods and drugs
  • William Taft is elected

    William Taft is elected
  • Woodrow Wilson Is elected

    Woodrow Wilson Is elected
    First democratic president since 1892
  • The sinking of the Lusitania

    The ship was destroyed with passangers on the ship
  • Woodrow Wilson is reelected

    Woodrow Wilson is reelected
    He was reelected as president
  • Zimmerman note

    This note was the final straw for the US to join the war
  • Selctive service act

    This was the act that forced men to sign up for the military
  • End of WW1

    The end of the great world war
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Established nine new nations.
  • Prohibition

    The banning of alchohol
  • League of nations