• The Great Depression

    The Greay Depression was the economy lowering. People didn't have enough money for stuff. Stores were closing down. People lost a lot of money. People even commited suicide because of The Great Depression.
  • Hitler takes over Germany

    Germany declared him Chancellor in 1933
    He became Dictator in 1934
    He was about 45 years old.
  • Racism

    Racism was happening in the south form 1920 to 1950. Racism is still around today.
  • The Scottsboro Trials

    The Scottsboro boys were being accused of a crime that they did not even do. Since they were colored, many people didn't believe them. Two women said that they had raped them.
    This took place on the Southern Railroads that ran from Chattanooga TN.
  • British take over Lebenon