• Period: Nov 3, 1500 to


  • Nov 3, 1505


    European migration begins in north america
  • Control

    England controls the land along much of the atlantic coast
  • Anger

    The British government angers the American colonists by imposing new taxes limiting thier freedom.
  • Revolution

    The colonies fought a war for independence against Great Britain
  • Constitution

    The U.S. leaders drafted the Constitution.
  • Purchase

    The United States agrees to the Louisiana Purchase
  • Transformation

    Industrialization transforms the United States and Canada
  • Independence

    The Mexican Territory of Texas becomes an independent republic.
  • Texas

    Texas joins the United states
  • Gold

    Gold and silver is found in California and travelers rush to the area.
  • The Civil War

    Because of disputes over slavery, economics and poltics, the Northern and Southern states fought in the American Civil war
  • Civil War

    The Civil War ended
  • Canada

    Prime Minister John A. Macdonald helps create four Canadian colonies- Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick
  • Alaska

    The U.S. purchases Canada
  • Canada

    Canada gained full independence