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Historical Timeline of Digital Marketing

  • 1450

    Mass Marketing Begins in 1450!

    Mass Marketing Begins in 1450!
    In 1450 Gutenburg invented "Moveable Type" which made mass printing possible. We haven't quite reached digital marketing at this point but it is just around the corner.
  • The Rise of Marketing Platforms Begins...

    The Rise of Marketing Platforms Begins...
    In 1922 radio advertising began and nearly 11 years later, more than 50% of United States homes would acquire this technology.
  • 1920-1994 The Digital Age Emerges!

    1920-1994 The Digital Age Emerges!
    Prior to the birth of the internet, marketing had many remarkable advances. Telemarketing and television ads would depreciate outbound marketing.
  • The Invention of the Email

    The Invention of the Email
    In 1971, Ray Thomlison invented the first ever email program while working for Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN). His first message was a combination of letters included in the first row of a standard keyboard!
  • The First SPAM

    The First SPAM
    Gary Thuerk (a marketer for the Digital Equipment Corporation) sent the first ever SPAM Email to 400 of the 2600 people on the "first internet". Thuerk was "selling" information about computers essentially.
  • The Birth of the Internet!

    The Birth of the Internet!
    In 1982, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) were established by DCA and ARPA; the two layer program would define the Internet as a connected set of networks.
  • Introduction of Personal Computers

    Introduction of Personal Computers
    In 1981, IBM introduces the IBM 5150, the first personal computer! Three years later, Steve Jobs would introduce the first ever Macintosh on January 24, 1984.
  • Commercial Spam is Born!

    Commercial Spam is Born!
    Laurence Canter and his wife, Martha Siegel, were two lawyers that offered their services to immigrants seeking permanent residence in the United States via Spam Email!
  • Yahoo!

    Yahoo Mail was introduced as an alternative to HoTMaiL (1996) in 1997 and provided web-based access through a browser while also running an electronic mail service.

    President George W. Bush approved law penalties for unsolicited emails in 2003.
  • Mobile Marketing!

    Mobile Marketing!
    In 1993 the first cell phone was able to send and receive text! Later in 2003, short codes would be introduced to further marketing strategies.
  • NYC Times Square Giveaway

    NYC Times Square Giveaway
    In 2005 Nike and Pontiac launched SMS campaigns that would allow consumers to text a custom design in order to win a pair of shoes...Nike ended up giving away 3,000 pairs!
  • APPS!

    In 2002, simple applications were introduced on mobile devices. Nearly five years later Apple would equip every IPhone with a series of apps.
  • Apps Continue to Grow...

    Apps Continue to Grow...
    In July of 2008, the Apple app store was equipped with 500 different apps, a few months later the Google Play store (an Android add on) would open as well!
  • The Panda and Penguin Update

    The Panda and Penguin Update
    In 2012, Google would introduce the Panda Update to provide more quality content for it's users. The Penguin Update was used as an anti-spam weapon; websites could no longer duplicate content or provide links that would maximize their rankings through manipulated links.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization
    In 1997, Google began to use links as a ranking signal; search results improved in quality drastically and Google would become the most popular search engine.
  • Online Advertisement Revenue is Booming!

    Online Advertisement Revenue is Booming!
    Online ads surpassed television ad revenue in 2017 at over $209 billion!
  • TikTok!

    In July of 2020 TikTok launched the creator fund which would allow creators to earn money for their content. Once people reach a platform of a decent size, brands often reach out and will pay for personal advertisement!
  • Chatbots

    One of the top digital trends of 2021 is the chatbot! A chatbot essentially sits on a website 24/7 and offers constant customer service.