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Hisory of animation

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  • the creation of the phenakistoscope

    the creation of the phenakistoscope
    the Phenakistoscope involved a spinning wheel that spins, making a repetitive animation.
  • the Kinetoscope

    the Kinetoscope
    the Kinetoscope used multiple pictures and ran them all through, giving the illusion of an object actually moving.
  • El Apostol's burning.

    El Apostol's burning.
    El Apostol was said to be the first full animated movie, lasting 70 minutes long. it was cut out animation and had satire humor. but the studio was burned down along with all the copys after it's airing. it is considered a lost film.
  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie
    Diseny's first sounded animation. also the first fully audioed animated film in history.
  • Warner Bros. Animation.

    Warner Bros. Animation.
    Warner Bros Studios opened up their animated Department and began working on animated films.
  • Dr. Seuss gets big

    Dr. Seuss gets big
    Cartoonist Dr. Seuss gets famous for his family warming animated films and the happy tune of rhymes/
  • First Anime ever televised

    the first anime ever televised was called Otogi Manga Calendar, it was a current event show lasting about 3 minutes and introduced a way of news.(photo not found)
  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons
    became a huge sucess, showing a darker side to family shows. using some humor and cartoon sillyness that is still going on.
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    First computer animated feature film made by Pixar. made alot of money.
  • South Park Aired on Comedy Central

    South Park Aired on Comedy Central
    an Adult animated show aired on comedy central. the show south parth featured cut out animation during the first seasons. turned out to be a sucess with it's crude, satire, dark, and shocking humor which is followed by pop culture and current event refreances as well as giving room for a moral lesson.