Heroes eat toast for breakfast

  • Heros start at Subway

    This was when we started the hero project. We started off by writing about what we thought a hero should be. I wrote that a hero should be someone that saves people and defeats evil. After the free write we read about this man and his brave heroic act in the subway all to save an unknown person. It was truly amazing. It supported my thoughts on a hero being someone who saves people.
  • How do you chose between two magical worlds?

    I thought a little about which hero to pick. I was debating between J.K Rowling and Walt Disney. I love Harry Potter and Rowling is extremely talented in writing. And I love all of Disney; the parks, the movies, the everything. Both people, Disney and Rowling, were both extremely creative, talented, and thought out of the box. I look up to both of them for their imgaination and how they changed the world with their ideas. This is a hard desicion...
  • Disney is so big, you could get lost in there!

    I chose Walt Disney. (sorry J.K Rowling) I was going thorugh the pictures on my camera from when I went to Disney World and I was just in awe at how one man's vision could become all of this. One small idea turned into something huge. There is so much to Disney: the movies, the cartoons, not to mention the parks. They are so ginormous you could get lost in them! I chose him because I look up to him and his creativity. A hero, I decided, was also someone you look up to. LIke a rolemodel.
  • Tale as old as time...

    Went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D! It was really good. It has a good message: it's not what's on the outside, it's what's onthe inside that counts. I know everyone says that, but it sinks in better when finctional characters sing it to me. Disney inspires people and it wouldn't be made possible if Walt Disney hadn't been so brilliant. He took many risk, Disney could have failed, and went thorugh some rough times but he came out on top. Disney lives on even after Walt Disney.
  • Change the world, hug a person.

    We watched videos on people just helping out through simple things like painting. My personal favourite was the hugging video. It stood out to me. My view of a hero was changing from a flying man in colourful tights, blasting down enemies with his laser visions, to average everyday normal people who want to help from the good of their heart. They don't have to do something spectacular but in someway they have improved someone's life.
  • If you read a book, you tend to learn something new.

    I finally started reading my book. My respect for Walt Disney grew as I learned more about him and his life. Disney started with just a story idea and a lovely drawn mouse. Besides making animations, Disney was a philatropist and made lots of donations. Even now after he's gone Disney still has organsiztions you make donations to to save the wildlife and may other causes.
  • I need medical attention!

    I went to the doctors because I had a sore throat. Sitting in that tiny waiting room for HOURS I thought about how the people in there were sick and being cured by the doctor. It made me realize that doctors are heros too. They were giving up thier time to help these people. They didn't have to become doctors. So I left the doctors office with an expanded definition of a hero and a sticker.
  • Other people sometimes have good ideas too!

    People read passages form their book and then told us why they chose their hero. It helped define my definition of a hero even more. I thought about they liked about thier hero and tried to find that trait in my hero.
  • It's a party

    I finally figured out who I was going to interview. I dreaded this part of the poject the most. I've decided to interview a little kid. Their response to my questions may not be long and thought provoking, but it will be such a great insight on what children think of that magical world where you can dream called Disney. It's going to be so fun. I'm excited! Now if only I could find a little kid willing to let me interview them...
  • I'm getting sleepy...

    Now I did timetoast. It helped me reflect on my hero and other things I needed to think about to finish this project.