Ben franklin 510

Hero Project Timeline Sumedh Saurabh

  • Hero Day 1

    Today, I had heard about the subway man, an ordinary fellow who risked his life to save another's. I was quite shocked. I wondered why would you risk your own life to save a stranger's. For me, heroes had super powers or something. I never thought about how an ordinary man could be a hero.
  • Hero Day 2

    Today, I learned that John McCain, a well-known politician, had a very torturous past. During the Vietnam war, he was tortured for information, even when he was already injured so much. He stayed for about five and a half years. He even tried to commit suicide, but he never disclosed information. I guess a hero can also become a hero through just words and suffering.
  • Hero Day 3

    Today, I was an audience to an interview between an old school teacher who went out of country to work as a Peace Corps volunteer to help others. It seems that if you want you could be a hero yourself.
  • Hero Day 4 -Start of Research

    Tpday, I started researching my hero. At first, I didn't know who to do. There were so many choices. At last, I chose Benjamin Franklin, who used his intellectual mind to help others by making inventions, discovering new things, or making articles. As I know, Franklin also helped create our America during the rule of the British. He helped create a treaty with France and helped with the Declaration Of Independence. I wouldn't have been more proud.
  • Hero Day 5

    Today, when I think about heroes, I don't think about real people. For me, some heroes are fictional. A character from a story could be a hero because their thoughts, ideas, or actions can encourage and influence you to do good things.
  • Hero Day 6

    Today, in class, I saw a powerpoint called "Change the World".it was full of music videos that have messages to the world. People can be heroes just by sending messages,
  • Hero Day 7

    Today, my first post was due. I was beginning to understand the importance of other's opinions on who or what is a hero as well as understanding my opinion. A hero is a person or in some cases, an object, that would have some influence on others that well their live change for the better.
  • Hero Day 8

    Today, I heard about a person named Bill Moyers, a journalist that has been on many shows and articles concerning constitution crisis or government secrets. He has helped open up the insides of the government. Now, he has started a interview show called Mpyers & Company which is now on broadcast.
  • Hero Day 9

    Today, I was listening to others about their heroes. It was interesting how others had other ideas on what a hero is or what a hero does. It is hard to say whether or not your own perspective is right. I guess it is not possible to give an accurate meaning to the word, hero.
  • Hero Day 10

    Todsy, I worked more on my project. It was getting interesting. Franklin was starting to get more intersesting.