Hero Project

By galleta
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    Hero Project

  • Subway Hero

    When we watched the subway hero story it did not really change my perspective on what a hero is. It was to me the standard set up where someone risked their life to save someone else. I do not diminish the act though; it was truly amazing that a stranger risked his life for another complete stranger.
  • Roy Benavidez

    Roy is very similar in my opinion to the subway hero except that the main difference is that these were his friends. He essentially went unarmed into a war zone and it was more than likely that he would die. Despite all of this he still went in to help his friends or at least be with them and fight for them until the end.
  • Why Courage Matters

    This shows another side of a hero to me. It shows someone holding on for their beliefs. It also shows how even heroes are not invincible. Everyone has a breaking point. It allows you to see the real non-invincible hero.
  • Vietnam Helicopter Pilot

    The story about Roy Benavidez got me thinking about what type of hero I want to do. I thought of the helicopter pilots in Vietnam. They would fly in under fire to save some random soldier. Just like Roy they came in without much protection in a hostile situation to save someone. To me that type of hero is the most amazing type of hero.
  • Kristi Quillen Peace Corps

    To me this showed a different type of hero; it showed someone who sacrificed in a different sort of way. It shows a hero that sacrificed their comfort to help others.
  • Different Types of Heros

    When we talked about different groups of famous people it allowed me to see all the different types of heroes and how they interact with the world from inventors to artists.
  • Benjamin O Davis jr.

    I decided to choose Benjamin O Davis jr. and the peace corps volunteer reinforced my decision because just like her he sacrificed comforts choosing a harder path. He was able to help and entire group of people in the United States gain rights.
  • Change the World Power Point

    This along with the Peace Corps volunteer demonstrated the type of hero who exacts change on to society in order to improve it. It also demonstrated how it can be a member of a large movement or one single person acting alone.
  • Heroes that Exact Change

    The "change the world" power point showed how not very many people know how to "change the world" and that those who are able to change it in a good way are truly amazing. For me that is what makes them heroes.
  • Heroes In Literature

    I had not really realized how much of a hero an author can be until I thought about some of the books I have read and what impact they probably had in their time. A hero in literature can change the way a society thinks and acts through media.