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  • What is a hero?

    What is a hero?
    Discussed and answered questions about what a hero is to us and defined the word hero in our own words.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Watched the interview of Kristi Quillen a volunteer English teacher in South America. Learned about an actual hero and what she went through to get to where she is.
  • Choosing Hero

    Choosing Hero
    In the library te substitute helped me to choose a hero that i would enjoy doing my biography on. In the end I ended up choosing Vince Lombardi because he seemed to have an interesting story that I would enjoy learning about.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Looked at past stories and literature and investigated the different heroes in the novels. Also discussed whether a hero is the character in the book or the author who wrote it.
  • Change The World Powerpoint

    Viewed the change the world powerpoint and categorized different Famous people and celebrities into different categories of heroes.
  • Change the World Powerpoint 2

    Discussed and answered questions about world change and different views on how the world can be changed. Most people say they want change and then never do anything to make anything happen.
  • Change the World Powerpoint 3

    Looked at different songs about different kinds of heroes and what can be done to change the world and make it better. I realized that a hero can be come in any shape size or form.
  • Heroes Project overview Technology

    We discussed more about the project as a whole and Mrs. Wade came and gave us tips on we should set up our interview and ideas on how we should do it.
  • 2nd Blog Completion

    I completed my 2nd Blog post today and I really connections between heroes in literature read and events I have heard about. The blog really got me thinking.
  • Hero Sharing

    Shared a paragraph fro our hero's biography presented it to the class. I got to learn all the different people the class was doing their project on and who they are and what they have done.