Herb's Movements around Lebanon and Middle East

Timeline created by ndelapiedra
  • First Dateline from Lebanon (Beirut)

  • Herb files from Sidon, His First Dateline Outside Beirut.

  • First [Bracketed] contribution from another Postie, Edward Walsh reporting from Jerusalem

  • Herb files from Amman, Jordan

  • Big regional piece with Herb in Amman and contributions from Ed Walsh in Jerusalem and David Ottoway in Kuwait

  • Herb returns to Beirut to cover Embassy Bombing (see description)

    First dateline from Beirut in five weeks (Herb has been in Amman). Also, first time we see Nora as a contributor. Looks like Herb ran back from Amman to cover the bombing and they had Nora help with the early fact gathering (since Herb was in Jordan)
  • "Correspondent Denton added the following from Damascus"

  • Herb in Baalbek meeting with the PLO #856

  • Herb back in Beirut with Jonathan Randal contributing from Baalbeck #858

  • Herb in Tripoli for first time #859

  • Herb in Baalbek #862

  • Herb takes five days to go to Northern Lebanon (Dateline: Zagharta) to spend time with the Druze and learn why the Jumblatt's and Gemayal's have so much beef #865

  • Herb takes three days to learn about Said Musa, leader of the PLO mutiny. Dateline Shtawrah #867

  • Herb is in Iraq. This first article is based on a sit down with the foreign minister #868

  • Final (4th) Piece from Iraq #871

  • Herb back in Beirut #872

  • Herb in Sidon #873

  • Herb in Tripoli covering Arafat's triumphant return #906

  • Herb back in Beirut 907

  • Herb in Suq Al Gharb #909

  • Herb in Tripoli #911

  • Herb is in Beirut, but this article also has David Ottoway contributing FROM BEIRUT #913

  • Herb is back in the paper after a two week break #914

    Pretty clearly, Herb took two weeks vacay. His last article places Ottoway in Beirut (presumably to cover for Herb), then Herb dips for two weeks
  • Herb in Shuwayfat #919

  • Herb files from Tripoli #921

  • Herb ALSO files from Beirut #922

  • Herb still in Tripoli,, presumable someone is covering for him in Beirut (there is a See A21 'Beirut shelled') #931

  • Herb back in Beirut #935

  • Herb in Tripoli #936

  • Herb in Beirut #937

  • Herb in Tripoli #938

  • Herb in Beirut #939

  • Herb's first dateline aboard the Odysseus Elytis. The Greek ship being used by Arafat to evac to North Yemen

  • Herb's 2nd article aboard the Odysseus Elytis #949

  • Herb reporting from Sanaa, North Yemen #950

  • Herb's 2nd (and final) article from Sanaa, North Yemen (where he's hanging out with the PLO fighters)

  • Herb back in Beirut #952

  • Herb's last "regularly scheduled article" #967

  • Herb w/ no dateline (presumably he's in DC) with "Ottoway reporting from Beirut" #968

  • Herb back in Beirut #969

  • Herb aboard the USS Trenton #973

  • Herb back ashore in Beirut #974

  • 984 (Beirut)

  • 985 Herb with no dateline (Washington)

  • Herb in Washington from here on out 986/987 (both same date)

  • 988 (Washington)

  • 989 (Washington)

  • 990 (Washington)

  • Period: to

    #935-947 Herb literally alternates between filing from Beirut and Tripoli for each article

  • Period: to

    Herb takes three weeks off from reporting (#955-956)

  • Period: to

    Herb takes two week break #982 & 983 (both from Beirut)