Hellen Keller

  • Helen Keller birth

    Helen was born in in a small town known as Tuscumbia Alabama.
  • Helen Keller became blind and deaf

    Helen was diagnosed with a sickness unknown and was called breain fever
  • Helen finally finds hope and finds help

    Hellen's anxious parents visits Alexander Gragham Bell and enters Perkins Institute for The Blind.
  • Helen finds a companion

    Anne Sullivan becomes Helen's teacher asnd understands Helen more nthan anybody else.
  • the miracleworker

    With the help of Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller learns how to say basic words such as W-a-t-e-r
  • "The Frost King"

    Helen Keller is accused plagiorism after she sends the story to someone as a birthday present.
  • Wright-Humason School for the deaf

    Helen Keller travels to New York to attend Wright-Humason School for the deaf.
  • The death of Captain Keller

    The death of Helen Keller's father occurs, leaving Helen devastated
  • Cambrige School for Young Ladies.

    Helen Keller joins Cambrige School for Young Ladies prepairing for her further successes
  • Radcliff College

    Helen Keller joins Radcliffe College.
  • The story of helen's life

    Helen Keller writes hjer autobiography,"The Story of My Life" with the help of John Macy
  • Helen's success

    Hellen Keller becomes the first blind,deaf person to earn a bachelor degree from Radcliffe College.
  • Helen's world

    Helen Keller Writes another book called "The World I Live in"
  • Helen's love

    Peter Fagan asks Helen to marry him. With the thought still in her head Hellen's mother makes her renounce her engagement.
  • Vaudeville

    Helen and Anne begin their Vaudeville Career
  • Kate Keller

    Helen's mother , Kate Keller,dies
  • Helen helps her kind

    Helen and Anne begin their forundation for the blind
  • "My Religon"

    Helen Keller publishe her new autobiography"My Religeon"
  • Bye Miracleworker

    The miracle worker that changed Helen's life forever passes away
  • Medal of freedom

    President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Helen Keller the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the United States' highest two civilian honors.
  • Helen makes it to the Women's Hall of Fame

    Helen was elected to the Women's Hall of Fame at the New York World's Fair.
  • A legend's death

    Helen Keller, the most famous blind/deaf person dies, leaving loved ones and fans left behind.