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Helen Keller Timeline

  • Birth

    Helen Keller was born in June 27 of 1880.
  • Helen meets Anne

    In 1887 Anne arrived at the train station and Helen and her mother greeted her.
  • Helen understands language

    Helen understands language
    Helen learns that things have a name by using a water pump to teach her water. She learned over 30 other words that day.
  • Braille

    Helen learns braille a form of writing for blind people who can’t read. It uses touch to understand letters and symbols.
  • Radcliffe College

    Helen Keller goes to Radcliffe College in 1899.
  • The Story Of My Life

    The Story Of my Life, a famous book written by Helen Keller, was an international bestseller, and it made Helen and Anne very popular.
  • Japan Tour

    Japan Tour
    Helen Keller visits Japan in 1937 and gives multiple speeches.
  • Helen Keller’s Death

    In May, 1968, Helen suffers a heart attack. On June 1, 1968 she passes away.