Helen Keller

Timeline created by jorjahudson
  • Birth

    1880 Helen was born a healthy baby in Alabama
  • 1881

    When Helen was still a baby she became ill with meningitis which caused her to lose her sight and hearing
  • Helen Keller makes her first sign

    Anne taught Helen to spell words in sign language
  • Helen progresses

    Anne helped Helen learn how to read and write in Braille
  • The move

    Helen moves to New York to go to the school for the blind.
  • College

    With the help of Anne, Helen was able to attend Radcliffe College. She worked on the school newspaper
  • Makes History

    Helen makes history by graduating college. She was the first ever blind and deaf person to graduate from college. She also started writing and publishing books.
  • Speaking

    Helen met a lot of people after graduating. Lots of people were impressed with her determination, she was asked to speak at many important events.
  • Japan

    Helen travels to Japan, the people presented her with a special dog.
  • Helen makes an impact around the world

    Helen visited over 35 different countries. She spoke on behalf of disabled people and many governments opened schools for blind and deaf because of her.
  • Helen's Award

    In Helen's hometown of Tuscumbia,Alabama, made her girlhood home, ivy green, in her honor.
  • Havard

    Harvard University gave Helen an honorary degree for all of her success and accomplishments
  • The Medal

    Helen was presented the Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson
  • Death

    Helen died at the age of 88. She paved the way for people with disabilities around the world.