Helen Keller

  • A child was born

    A child was born
    On the 27th of June 1880, a normal child was born, and named Helen Keller.
  • Period: to

    Helen Keller

  • Helen gets sick

    When helen was ninteen months, nearly two years after Helen Keller was born, she got seriously ill. It was thought she had meningitis or scarlette fever, but six weeks later it had left her blind and deaf.
  • Anne Sullivan Arrives

    Anne Sullivan Arrives
    When Helen was six years and nine months, helen's mother hired a teacher named Anne Sullivan. At the age of fourteen, Anne was sent to train to be a teacher for the blind at the Perkins Institute for the Blind.
  • "Water"

    Anne Had the Challenge to teach Helen how to understand words and their meaning. Anne taught helen words by signing them into her palm. Then just one month later, everything clicked. Helen seemed to understand what Anne was trying to do. That day, Anne took Helen out to the water pump and held Helens hand under the water pump. She began pumping the water onto one of Helens hands and in the other hand she began singing the word water into it. That day Helen learned thirty words.
  • Story Of My Life

    Story Of My Life
    In 1903, Helen Keller published her Autobiography, The Story Of My Life. Millions of coppies of it were sold and the book has been re-written hundreds of times.
  • Light In My Darkness

    Light In My Darkness
    In 1927, the book Light In My Darkness, written by Helen Keller was published.
  • Helen Keller dies

    Helen Keller dies
    Sadly, on this day helen keller was pronounced dead. It made headlines in the Newspapers all around the world.
  • Helen's Funeral

    Helen's Funeral
    On the 5th of june 1968, Hellen Adams Keller was layed to rest at Brigeport, Conneticut. Her coffin was burried alongside Polly Thompson's and Anne Sullivan Macy's.