Helen Keller

  • Born

    Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama
  • Sick

    Helen gets sick, loses her vision, and hearing.
  • Annie Sullivan arrives

    Annie starts teaching Helen how to communicate.
  • Wright-Humason School

    Helen goes to the Wright-Humason School in New York.
  • Cambridge School for Young Ladies

    Helen attends Cambridge School for Young Ladies.
  • Radcliffe College

    Helen enters Radcliffe College.
  • Graduation

    Helen graduates cum laude from Radcliffe College
  • Marriage

    Helen marries John Albert Macy
  • The World I Live In

    The World I Live In, gets published
  • Out of the Dark

    Helen's book, Out of the Dark, gets published.
  • Silent Movie

    Helen starts in the silent movie, Deliverance, abouit her life.
  • Fund-raiser

    Helen begins working as a fund-raiser for the American Foundation for the Blind.
  • Annie dies

    Annie dies in Forest Hills.
  • Helen Keller's Journal

    Helen Keller's Journal is published.
  • Hospital Visits

    Helen starts visiting hospitals for blind, deaf, and wounded soldiers.
  • Touring

    Helen starts touring all around the world
  • The Unconquered

    The documentary of Helen's life, The Unconquered, is released.
  • Stroke

    Helen has a stroke.
  • Dies

    Helen dies.