• The immediate answer

    The immediate answer
    Fenton Hardy (the Hardy’s dad) gives them an exiting assignment about the case he’s working on. They accept the case right away. However, this one seems to be strange in a way they can't quite put their finger on. They have a hard time starting trying to figure out which angle they should take to tackle it.
  • Train escape

    Train escape
    The boys get knocked unconscious and when they wake up, they are lying on a subway track. Not a minute later they hear rumbling and a subway comes rattling down the track! They manage to outrun the train and climb up onto the next platform!
  • Caved in

    Caved in
    Frank, Biff and Chet notice that Joe has disappeared, so they look around the town. Finally they find him in a cave on a mountain cliffside! After finding that Joe was tied up with ropes, Frank almost gets shot by the enemy who had captured Joe. However, they manage to get away with help from some luck and friends. The friends, Chet and Biff, had to climb a 100 foot cliff to help them!
  • "Blondie"

    The Hardy’s follow the trail of the prime suspect, “Blondie”, after noticing something fishy leading straight to him. It’s a great car race to capture him. They suspect him of being part of the “gang” that they’re presently looking for.
  • New york hotel

    New york hotel
    Soon, they stay at a hotel in New York for a few nights because they think they have found some clues, including some suspected people, in that section of New York.
  • Suspecting a negitive impact

    Suspecting a negitive impact
    While they’re in New York, they suspect one of the enemy gang members is going against the mystery they are trying to solve. He is trying to make things difficult for the case. He is certainly making a negative impact for the Hardy boys.
  • It's raining rocks and stones!

    It's raining rocks and stones!
    The Hardy's once more climb the cliff that Joe was trapped in. (they think that there is a new lead in it now) Then suddenly they get showered with rocks and stones. The culprit must be part of the gang and he must be still up there!
  • Trapped in the mist

    Trapped in the mist
    The Hardy boys motor boat, “the Sleuth” gets lost in a foggy mist while out at sea, at night, alone. In the end, they manage to get back to shore before they hear the clock tower chime midnight.
  • An unexpected runaway

    An unexpected runaway
    The Hardys go after one of their enemy suspects but surprisingly he makes an unexpected get away from them. He probably had members of the gang there with him, for support and advice.
  • The plans we have for you

    The plans we have for you
    The suspect and his gang make plans to strike on the Hardys very soon. The Hardys overhear them planning the time, whereabouts and all the important information. This happens until the gang hears the Hardys sneaking around and then chases them off of the property.
  • A great clue

    A great clue
    While they are looking for a friend, the Hardys notice a sign on a store window that say’s: “SOUTH AFRICAN IMPORTING COMPANY WHOLESALE ONLY.” That poster helped them figure out an important clue for solving the case. They think that clue may save them a lot of time trying to find out where one of the suspects is.