Halo: The Fall of Reach

Timeline created by Darian Stephenson
  • Prologue

    A battle scene that takes place before the book begins. The planet Reach has been compromised, the Covenant (an alien aliance fighting against the human race) glass the planet. The UNSC (United Nation's Space Command) retreats back to earth.
  • Section 1

    Dr Halsey and Commander Keys travel to the planet Eridious IV to observe a young child. This 6 year old boy will become one of the most effiecient and powerful asset of the UNSC. John, along with hundreds of other children are brought to a top secret military base, where they learn their future. John makes friends with Kelly and Sam, they will become part of his squad. The three work together like clockwork. The undergo intensive training for many years.
  • Section 2

    John, Kelly and Sam are now 16 years of age. Their skill is imeasurable. Cheif Petty Officer Mendez sends them, along with many other squads, to navigate to an extraction point many miles away, the last one of the ship will be left behind. John is determined to get all his men back home safely. Dropped in the wood with nothing but themselves and pieces of a map, the group must find their way by any means possible. They reach their destination, but find the dropship occupied by a handful of men.
  • Section 2 Continued

    Jonh notices that the men were not in uniform and assumes the ship had been taken over. They come up with a plan to eliminate the men. Kelly run gets the mens' attention, while sam pretends to have broken his leg; the rest of the squad is aremd with stones. The bandits follow Kelly into the forest and are ambushed with hundreds of rocks, the other men are taken out quickly. The squad boards the ship, John has the A.I. take them home, the ship carrying all of
    his men.
  • Section 3

    The hundreds of children have completed their training, all of them stong adults. The SPARTAN program is almost complete. The soldiers are about to undergo incredible alterations that will increase bone mass, and heighten their senses. Many men are lost in the process, but John, Kelly, and Sam, along with many other subjects, have made it through the procedure just fine. These new super soldiers are called spartans, they must learn to walk with their increased strength.
  • Section 3 Continued

    The spartans perform an exercise for Dr. Halesy, capture the flag. In a warehouse, hundreds of feet underground, the spartans have managed to find ropes and black suits. They cut connection to the cameras and kil the lights. The sneak past multiple soldiers undetected, and manage to capture the flag with ease.
  • Section 4

    The spartans recieve their new unofrom. The MIJOLNR power armor is outfitted with a heads-up display in their helmet, along with a climate controlled interior. The spartans look more like robots than humans. The suit more than doubles their already impressive speed and strength. They are battle ready. Meanwhile Commander Keys many lightyears away near Eridous IV, John's home planet. The UNSC makes first contact with an alien alliance called the Covenant.
  • Section 4 Continued

    The Covenant's ships are far more advanced than the UNSC's. Their shipps are protected by a very powerful energy shield that makes it very difficult to take the ship down. The Covenant approach Keys' ship. After an almost fatal battle Keys managed to fend off the Covenant ship. What he didn't know was that the ship had disbatched many drop ships that decended down to Eridous IV.
  • Section 5

    The Covenant have launched a full scale attack on the human race. Their ground troops were far supirior to our marines, we were losing. The spartans leave their underground barracks. Their job is to get Dr. Halsey safely to planet Reach. The base has almost been breached by the Covenant. They near orbit, looking down at Eridous IV, the Covenant destroyer ships had begun glassing the planet. A high powered plasma beam transfroms the lush landscape to a mirored surface. Millions of lives, gone.
  • Section 6

    Only 2 weeks after the glassing of Eridous IV, the Covenatn had arrived at Reach, the humans' only remaining colony outside of Earth. The covenant had invaded, it was inevitable that Reach would soon be gone too. Dr. Halsey quickly finishes her work on an advanced A.I. she named Cortana, Cortana was an exact copy of Hasley's mind. In a bunker hundreds of feet into the interior of Reach, a squad know as Noble, fends off wave after wave of Covenant troops practically knocking on Halsey's door.
  • Section 6 Continued

    Meanwhile, John and his squad are defending the ship, Pillar of Autumn. Reach had almost completely been overrun, this was their last stand. Sam and Kelly are KIA and John retreats to the Pillar of Autumn and prepares for lift off. Noble reaches the ship, carrying Cortona with them, they hand over Cortana over to Captain Keyes, and hold off the Covenant so the ship can escape. Reach had put up a good fight, but had been glassed leaving Earth as the only remaining home to the human race.