Halo: Ghosts os Onyx, by: Eric Nyluno, Fiction, Pages: 383

  • Pages 1-66

    A large team of 300 spatartans destroyed a covenant generator but unfortunatly only 2 of the sparatns servived. Master chief or Jhon or spartan 117, A spartan named Curt and 2 other spartans recovered 3 nuclear warheads from an insurrectionist base. And the spartan Kurt has been reassigned with the task of training a new breed of spartans known as spartan 3's on a planet called Onyx. TOTAL: 1349
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    Halo book

  • Pages 67-102

    Kurts first group of spartan trainees where trained over a 4 year period but all 200 died on a mission to destroy several covenant reactors but the mission was accomplished. Kurt has a better feeling about this new group though, they put up more fight, more work and more desire for what they do. TOTAL:1384
  • Pages 103-144

    All of the new batch of new spartan traniees sucsessfuly made it through the genitic adavance operation to improve there physical stature at only 112 years old. And durring there first training exercise as spartans, a new enemy which where first seen as drones beghan attacking and vaporizing the spartans and marines stationed on Onyx. Kurt and the others are trying to get back to base to get live amunition. TOTAL: 1425
  • pages 145-177

    a scientist named Dr. Halsey and another spartan who had worked with Kurt before landed on Onyx after hearing a distress call. The spartan and the Dr. met up with Kurt and the rest of the surviving spartans in an underground bunker called zone 67. Dr. Halsey revealed that the drones are called sntinals and are forerunner and have been seen on Halol worlds before. TOTAL: 1457
  • pages 178-213

    Dr. Halsey recieved a message from an AI called cortana saying that a new halo ring was discovered and there is a flood infestation and the covenant have started a civil war between alien races. The covenant have also attacked and found earth. Dr. Halsey believes that the technology found on Onyx could change the tide of the war if used properly she requested spartan reinforcements to come to Onyx. TOTAL:1492
  • pages 214-248

    A spartan team was ent from earth to go aid Dr. Halsey and the other spartans on Onyx. The spartan team captured a covenant ship and ended up going off course into a fight between 3 eliete and a brute cruiser. Even though there ship was heavily damaged, the team was still able to make it onto Onyx all alive. A large eliete brigade of ships were blown away by a large nuke sent by a long dead admiral from planet Reach. TOTAL:1526 REQUIREMENTS MET