Hairstyles Through The Decades

  • Early Hairstyles

    Early Hairstyles
    Women wore their hair up, not loose hair. They varied from a twist changing from time to time to stop stress.
  • Media's Influence

    Media's Influence
    The media created a magazine for women, it is called The Ladies Home Journal. It included the latest fashions and hairstyles. It still exists today
  • The Castle Bob

    The Castle Bob
    A ballroom dancer, named Irene Castle, cut her hair for the first time into a short hairstyle. In the 1920's it became known as a "bob haircut"
  • Hairstyle's In the 1920's

    Hairstyle's In the 1920's
    Hairstyles created a huge controversy in American Culture. "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" was a known tale about a women who cut her hair into a bob and set a new trend for women
  • Let the Hair Grow

    In 1925 the bob still existed but it was becoming too much to handle to keep clean and trimmed. A department store started firing employees who have the bob haircut. Along with the bob, bobby pins became popular which will hold up and pin any hairstyle
  • Hairstyles and Hats in 1936

    Big hats with romantic trims were popular in the 1930’s. When having a bad hairday, these hats would make it look elegant.
  • Soft Curls in the 1940's

    Soft Curls in the 1940's
    Women wore more soft looking hairstyles. The hair was straight with a bit of curl to the end and a layer kind of swooped behind the ear.
  • The Glam Look of the 1950's

    The Glam Look of the 1950's
    The goal of all women was to look good and stylish. In the early 50's ponytails were very popular. In the late fifties the hairstyles became more complicated and complex.
  • Hippie Style - 1960

    Hippie Style - 1960
    The 1960’s transitioned from the big hair in 1950’s to the more out of control hair-do. The beehive look was very popular. It consist of flips at the tip of the hair and pieces pulled back and swept on the sides.
  • Hairstyles of 1970-1980’s

    Hairstyles of 1970-1980’s
    The shag was a very popular hairstyle during these years. It was short everywehere except for the back, similar to the mullet. The Jeri curl was also very popular in the 1980’s.
  • The 90's

    The 90's
    Hairstyles were still big, similar to the 80’s but they were sexier for women. Also more choppy styles existed in the 1990’s.
  • Hairstyles from 2000-2010

    Hairstyles from 2000-2010
    Hairstyles are alot crazier, You see different colors now a days. Variations between twist, braids, buns, ponytails and bangs became very popular throughout these years. There is not really any specific trend for hairstyles any more.