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Guatemalan Holidays

By Nicoh95
  • New Years Day

    New Years Day
    People celebrate the new year by burning fireworks.
  • Easter

    People celebrate that week with their family. Some people make procesions and decorate carpets.
  • Labor Day

    Labor Day
    Labor workers go to make strikes.
  • Army Day

    Army Day
    Celebrate the army of Guatemala. Commemorate all the military in Guatemala.
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    Peopple celebrate one more year of independece of their country. Some people run with torches.
  • Revolution Day

    Revolution Day
    Commemorate the day of the revolution.
  • All Saints Day

    All Saints Day
    People go to the cemetery to visit their love ones that passed away. Some people fly big kites in the cemetery. Guatemalans eat fiambre.
  • Quema del Diablo

    Quema del Diablo
    People burn fireworks and garbage and a devil pinata. This is to clean the city for the day of the Virgin.
  • Christmas

    People celebrate Christ brith. THey thorw fireworks and give gifts to their love ones.
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    People party to celebrate that the new year is coming. THey burn a lot of frieworks.