Greek literature

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In History
  • -478 BCE

    Helen of Troy

    Helen was the cause of the war which brought the destruction of Troy
  • -477 BCE

    Iliad and Odyssey

    These are the stories written by Homer the blind poet.
  • -477 BCE

    Priam ransoms the body of Hector

    The king and father of Hector which is Priam ransoms the body of his son to the mighty Achilles the murderer of Hector
  • -477 BCE

    Odysseus and Polyphemus

    Odysseus blinded a cyclops named Polyphemus which was known to be the son of Poseidon
  • -450 BCE

    Oedipus Rex

    King of Thebes who solved the riddle of the sphinx. He was also offered to marry the queen of Jocasta which he doesn`t know to be his very own mother.