Grant's amazingly awesome timeline

  • Declaration of space race

    President Kenedy announces goal to get a man on the moon. He started the space race by saying this. This was to say that the U.S. could get to space before Russia.
  • launch of pioneer 10

    The pioneer was launched. This gave close up pictures of jupiter and was the first man made thing to leave the solar system.
  • launch of first space station

    U.S. launches the first space station called the space lab into space. This helps people stay in space longer and easier to study space.
  • pathfinder lands on mars

    The mars pathfinder lands. This gives us a chance to explore mars for the first time.
  • Launch of Genisis

    The Genisis spacecraft is launched. It was sent to go and collect atoms from solar wind. Scientists wanted to get the nebule that created the universe.