Grandpa's Estate

  • Jean sells BM and Everett the Davis Addition for $10

  • Everett and BM sell LeeRona the Davis Addition for $10

  • Period: to

    ?Date? Tommy's funeral

    Dustin and Kathy see Everett's collection of walnut wood located not in the shop, but in the attic above the garage.
  • Period: to

    Roni has Everett tell Tommy, on Tommy's deathbed, that she and Michelle are going to be Everett's Trusteees. Trey has to call 911 for Tommy's breathing due to his reaction.

  • Tommy Weidner dies

  • Amendment to Trust Document Created

  • Dustin visits Everett

    Dustin sees the tools in Everett's shop.
  • Everett Weidner dies

  • Shop tools are already gone

    Kathy, Jason and Dustin are told (by Amy?) that Roni and Victoria loaded up the tools into Terry Lynn's truck. Terry Lynn gave $5,000 to Victoria in return. The tool collection included all tools Everett used for his business The Tinker Shop plus some of great-grandpa Toby's tools, items Everett had said for years he wanted passed to someone with 'Weidner' as a last name.
  • Everett's funeral and 'reading of the will'

    Gaston has a 'reading of the will' at his office even though it is a Trust Document. Jean is shocked she's been cut out. In response Michelle and Roni say that it was only to protect Jean from losing her SSI benefits (social security benefits) and that Jean's part was being protected by Roni and Michelle. Gaston does not say a word. Jason asks about probate -- Gaston said that it wasn't needed.
  • Division of some belongings and pictures

    Michelle tells Kathy and Jason they can take whatever family pictures they like. They sort through them with family. Dustin begins to look for Grandpa's coin and stamp collections but can't find them. Roni says she has them and is keeping them, to sell them, in case repairs are required for the house. Jaosn and Kathy said that we didn't need to repair the house and that personal items shouldn't be sold to fund anything. Roni and Michelle respond 'there are tough decisions for them to make."
  • Jason gets copy of funeral bill directly from Billings

  • Beneficiaries send an email with a proposed division of household items. Roni and Michelle reply they are going to consult a lawyer -- and for beneficiaries to be patient.

  • Kathy Jones asks Ogden to do a market appriasal on the house.

  • Jason investigates life insurance

    He calls AAL, State Farm and the woodward cemetary to see if there are policies. There are none on record. Roni and Michelle have claimed they have not found anything related to life insurance.
  • Period: to

    Amy goes to Everett's house to help clean

    Amy said:
    -Roni was drinking heavily and having parties at the house since grandpa died
    -Roni was very emotional and wouldn't allow Amy to go through grandpa's things. For example, Amy wasn't allowed to take apart grandpa's bed. Amy send out an email with an update.
  • Amy tries to negotiate the funeral bill with Billings -- it was too high. They refused and threatened to put a lein on Everett's house.

  • Period: to

    Jason + Dustin travel to Woodward

    Roni is still living in Everett's house and she calls the police at ~830am naming Jason and Dustin as 'intruders.' J+D discuss with police and agree that she's dangerous. D+J leave at request of Officer Sober. It appears Roni is also driving Everett's van, using it as her personal vehicle. The house smells of dog urine. Roni refused to let J+D take pictures of the insides of the house. Later in the morning J+D take pictures of all of Everett's wood being loaded in a pickup and horse trailer.
  • Dustin schedules first of two market analyses for Everett's house

  • Dustin schedules second of two market analyses of Everett's house