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Grace Bowman Equestrian

  • Born

    1990 Grace Bowman was born on the 16/07/1990 she lived in South Australia.
  • Riding hours

    Riding hours
    When she was 6 years old she starts to ride hours. Before she had her accordant Also she love to netball and basketball, and was a popular, smart student at her local school.
  • Fist Horse

    Fist Horse
    2000- When she was 10 her parents bought Grace her first horse.
  • Hours Riding Account

    Hours Riding Account
    On 13 September 2002, she fall of the hours and had a big account. She had to lean who to do everything again and ride her hours. “She side had when you have a disability and life in the country there is not much around so she starts to ride aging”.
  • Ride Hours as a Paraplegic

    Ride Hours as a Paraplegic
    1. She stated to ride hours as a paraplegic. She found it hard to right as a paraplegic because she had right before she had her accosted.
  • competed

    2006 – Fist time competed in Equestrian for Australia
  • Australia Day

    Australia Day
    Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year for the District of the Copper Coast 2007
  • 2007/2008 Beijing Paralympics Games

    2007/2008 Beijing Paralympics Games
    2007 / 2008 She did year 12 over 2 year While she was at school she also went to compete in Equestrian at Beijing Paralympics Games. It was the first time at Paralympics games.
  • London Paralympics Games

    London Paralympics Games
    A course she is now completing her honors in, whilst once more balancing training for the upcoming 2012 Paralympics. Now Grace Bowman went to 2012 London Paralympics Games to compete in Equestrian.