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  • Name

    The name Google came from the misspelling of the word googol. This word refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros.
  • Search engine

    Search engine
    google was created by two collage students from Stanford. they made this as a digital library. The national science foundation funded them. After a few months they got a helper to explore the web and sites. They decided pop-ups suck, so they banned pop-ups from google.
  • better

    Google had over 60 million sites. Salon,com posted that Google was more technologically innovative than portal sites like Yahoo!,, Lycos, Netscape's Netcenter,, and Those sites were supposed to be the way of the internet future. Google was powered by BETA.
  • food

    Google hires a chef for there 40 employees. He won the chef position by having a cook off and the employees voting him the best. He used to cater the Greatful Dead. The picture is the real cafiteria that google employees ate in at the time. They also got a company dog to live at the company building. They have now relocated 3 times since they began.
  • language

    Google introduces more languages for the site. These include French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. These are Googles first ten languages.
  • team, toolbar

    team, toolbar
    Google partners up with Yahoo. They also get a billion URL index becoming the worlds largest search engine. They also introduce a few more languages to the site. Then they make a Google toolbar
  • 8 Billion!

    Google reaches 8 Billion URL's. Still the largest search engine in the world. a few months before google buys what is now called Google Earth.
  • Zipline

    Google creats a zipline to connect a few buildings at work. this is the coolest way ever to get from one building to another!
  • Lawncare

    Google buys a goat to do the lawn care the environmentaly friendly way. Google also makes apps for smart phones. releases many new apps over the past few years. Now has 41 languages
  • TV

    Google introduces Google TV. This allows you to watch current tv shows. joins verizon with a joint policy for open internet. Google makes hundredths of new phone apps and programs for google home page
  • whats in google?

    whats in google?
    bikes, scooters,skateboards, slides to get from place to place. gyms that offer yoga classes and dance classes. laundry rooms. breakrooms. vollyball courts, pianoes. pet day care. child day care. digital repair shop 24hrs a day. swim in place pools with lifeguards. game room. hair salon. many different locations around the world....other great things to do that cant fit in this text box.,29307,1947844,00.html