Gollipali landing

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  • Galipoli Landing

    The Second Battle of Ypres begins. Poison gas is used for the first time by Germans in an attack on the Canadian sector
    Allied forces make landings an Gallipoli, Turkey.
    France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London.
    The Germans, focusing on Eastern Front, launch an offensive against the Russians breaking through Gorlice-Tarnow in Poland.
  • Austro-German offensive begins into Russian Poland.

  • The British liner Lusitania is sunk by a U-Boat with the loss of 1,198 civilians, including 128 American lives, creating a US-German diplomatic crisis.

  • Ignoring treaty agreements with the Central Powers, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary.

  • President Wilson sends notes to Secretary of War Garrison and Secretary of Navy Daniels directing them to draft a defense program.

  • The Italians launch an unsuccessful attack against Austro-Hungary at what will be called the 1st Battle of Isonzo. There will be 12 in total.

  • During the nights of 3–5 August, an extra 20,000 soldiers of the British 13th Division were secretly brought ashore at Anzac for the proposed August offensive.

  • A British advance at Suvla towards the Tekke Tepe Hills was repulsed by the Turks. The Reverend Charles Pierrepoint Edwardes was awarded the Military Cross (MC) for his bravery in bringing in wounded men under heavy fire during this attack

  • Winston Churchill, one of the main architects of the Gallipoli campaign, resigned from the British Government and went to serve with the British army in France.

  • Gunner James Twamley, 22, Royal Field Artillery, died of wounds at Helles. On his grave in Lancashire Landing Cemetery his family placed this inscription:

  • Turkish newspapers reported that ‘the whole of the Gallipoli Peninsula is now free from the enemy. They are driven out of Sedduülbahir