Gold Rushes of the 1800's

  • North Carolina Gold Rush starts

    North Carolina Gold Rush starts
    More on North Carolina Gold. One day in Cabarrus County , North Carolina, a man named John Reed discovered gold. His son, who was only twelve, found a seventeen pound gold nugget in a creek on their property. This lucky incident began the North Carolina Gold Rush, which was the first gold rush in North America.
  • Georgia Gold Rush starts

    Georgia Gold Rush starts
    More Info on Georgia Around the 1700's, Native Americans along the Chattahoochee River north of Atlanta found significant amounts of gold. Spanish miners joined them and formed minor settlements around the river. But, later the Spanish were forced away from Georgia, so intrest in gold died until 1828 when Frank Logan struck gold.
  • California Gold Rush starts

    California Gold Rush starts
    More on California gold In January 1848, James Wilson Marshall struck gold when he was building a saw mill along the American River northeast of Sacramento. This story was published in a local newspaper, but people couldn't believe it, so they didn't. Finally, the gold rush started in May 1848 when a storekeeper had a bottle filled with gold dust around the San Francisco area.
  • Colorado Gold Rush starts

    Colorado Gold Rush starts
    More about the Pikes Peak Gold Rush The Pikes Peak Gold rush, later known as the Colorado Gold rush started in 1859. About 100,000 people played a role in this huge gold rush. Much gold was found near streams in the South Platte River Valley.
  • Wyoming Gold Rush starts

    Wyoming Gold Rush starts
    More on the gold rush The Wyoming Gold Rush started in 1867, concentrated around the Wind River Mountains in the central part of the state. The rush lasted until 1872 when miners were dissapointed in the decreasing gold deposits and moved on to other mines.
  • South Dakota Gold Rush starts

    South Dakota Gold Rush starts
    Black Hills Gold Gold was found in South Dakota in 1874 by two miners around General Custer’s force. This was discovered later and in 1876 a gold rush occurred in Black Hills, South Dakota. Alomost all of South Dakota's gold was found in this place.
  • North Dakota Gold Rush starts

    North Dakota Gold Rush starts
    The North Dakota Gold Rush The North Dakota Gold Rush took place in the southeastern part of the state, about 1884, when gold was discovered in the Sheyenne River valley about six miles north of Fort Ransom. It probably got it's gold from the Black Hills Gold Rush.
  • Idaho Gold Rush starts

    Idaho Gold Rush starts
    Idaho Gold story Gold was first discovered on the Clearwater River in 1860. Also, more was discovered on the nearby Salmon River. This gold rush helped Idaho become a state because it was a territory at the time gold was discovered.
  • Montana Gold Rush starts

    Montana Gold Rush starts
    More on Bozeman's Trail Two years after the Idaho gold rush the miners were still moving westward, this time to Montana where they found gold on Alder Creek. John Bozeman, an important person in the Montana Gold Rush, helped discover a trail to Montana gold.
  • Alaska Gold Rush starts

    Alaska Gold Rush starts
    Alaskan Gold Major gold has been found in many places in Alaska like Juneau, Nome and Fairbanks. Gold was first discovered in Southeast Alaska in the 1870s. The first discovery was made near Sitka in 1872, but the discovery of gold at Anvil Creek in 1898 brought thousands of fortune seekers, starting the gold rush