Gold rush Australia by Arian and Ben

  • Gold found in Fish River

    Gorvenment Surveyor James McBrien had found little pieces of gold in the Fish River, right of Bathurst.
  • William Campbell finds gold

    William Campbell finds gold on his sheep run on 1840 in Victoria in 1840.
  • First person to find gold

    James William Esmond was the first person to find gold in Australia.
  • First gold discovered in New South Wales

    The first payable gold was discovered in 1851 Ophir in New South Wales. Beginning of the Australia gold rush.
  • Gold discovered at New South Wales

    Gold is discovered at Ophir in New South Wales marking the beginning of the gold rush.
  • Eureka Stockade

    As light broke on Sunday 3rd of December 1854 Commissioner Rede ordered a combined force of over 400 soldiers and police to attack about 150 diggers defending a wooden fort (Stockade) at the Eureka lead tunnel for mining on Ballarat goldfields.
  • Eureka Flag

    In 1854 around about 12,000 held the flag in the 29th of November 1854 and was first raised in Bakery Hill.
  • The Welcome Nugget

    The Welcome Nugget was found in 1858 in Ballarat Victoria.
  • Big nugget is found

    A 12.5 kg nugget was found near Tiandra in the Snowy River in 1860.
  • Gold found in Queensland

    Gold is found in Queensland near Rockhampton.
  • South Australia finds gold

    The first gold was discovered in South Australia at Birdwood.
  • Large gold found in Western Australia

    Bayley and Ford had discovered some large gold deposits at Coolgardie up in Western Australia.
  • Prospector nugget

    Prospector nugget was found in Janauary 18th 2013. It was 5.5 kg and its worth more then 300,000 dollars near Ballarat.