Gold Rush!!!

  • Period: to

    Need for Supplies

    There was a demand for materials to mine gold, like, picks and shovels in the 1850s.
  • Victoria & NSW

    Population growth and wealth came to people living in Melbourne and cities. Technology and the cities also changed dramatically.
  • Steam Engines on the Gold Fields

    There were 13 steam engines working in the Ballarat Fields.
  • Iron- Cast Foundry

    The first iron- cast foundry was established in Melbourne.
  • Steam Engines on the Gold Fields

    By now there were 135 steam engines.
  • The Rolling- Mill

    A rolling- mill was established in Melborne. Later, the mill played a part in establishing iron adn steelworks (Lithgow, NSW).
  • Steam Engines on the Gold Fields

    More steam engineds were used to pump water out of the fields. In 1861 there were 342.
  • Ballarat Foundries

    In Ballarat, there were 2 foundies repairing and producing farming equipment and another 8 mining for the materials.
  • Period: to

    Industral Society

    A finiancial boom occured with the discovery of gold. Also the industrial society development was put in place.
  • Period: to

    A Recession

    Australia had a financial recession that slowed the industrialisation proccess.