Gold Rush

  • government offered 200 pounds to the first person to find gold.

    In 1851, 17 Jan the government offered 200 pounds to the first person who found gold with in 320km of Melbourn, Victoria.
  • Eedward Hargraves found gold.

    In 1851,12 Feb Edward Hargraves discovered gold in the water hole near Bathurst. He therefore claimed that he had found the first gold and therefore received 10, 000 pounds from the government. He named the place where he found the gold; Ophir.
  • 10,000 people digging for gold near Ballarat.

    By the end of September 1851, there were about 10,000 people digging for gold near Ballarat.
  • Gold news had reached other countries.

    By 1852, the news had spread to England, Europe, America, (china)
  • Chinese people came to the Gold fields.

    In 1850 chinese people came to Australia to look for gold. The other diggers loathed them because of their different traditions and religion.
  • Eureka Rebellion.

    In 1854 the Eureka Rebellion started. Over 10,000 diggers attended the meating on backery hill just before the rebellion. Peter Fintan Lalor was chosen to lead the rebellion.
  • Eureka Rebellion: New cheaper licence, no gold tax and relised miners from the government.

    In 1855 due to the cause of the Eureka Rebellion the government introduced a new cheaper licence. The gold tax was abolished and all the diggers that had been arested during the Rebellion were relised.
  • Welcome Nugget was found.

    In 1858, 9 June, the Welcome nugget (69.9 kg) was found by a group of Cornish miners in Bakery Hill, Ballarat, Victoria
  • Victorian population grew to 540,000 people.

    1. 1861: 540, 000; Victorian population.
  • Welcome Stranger Nugget was found

    In 1869 John Deason and Richard Oats found a huge nugget (73.4 kg) called the Welcome Stranger, moliagul, Victoria.
  • Holterman's Nugget was found.

    In October 1872 the Holtermann's Nugget was found. At that time it was the world's largest specimen of reef gold. It weighed 286 kg and measured 150cm by 66cm. It was found by William Holterman, Hill End NSW