Gold Discovery In Australia

  • J Mc Brien

    Bathurst District
  • Unname Convict

    Bathurst District
  • Count Strzlecki

    Lithgow NSW
  • W.B Clarke

    Lithgow NSW
  • William Campbell

    William CampbellClunes VIC
  • E.H Hargraves - Gold Rush Start

    Edward HargravesBathurst District, Announced in the Sydney Morning Herald. Start of Gold Rush in Australia
  • Ballarat Richest Goldfields

    Ballarat Richest Goldfields
    Ballarat GoldBallarat was named the richest alliviual goldfields in the world.
  • Eureka_stockade

    The Eureka Rebellion of year 1854 was a historically significant organised rebellion of gold miners of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Eureka_stockade
  • Burra Creek Sluicing Company

    Extensive mining took place between 1855 to 1940's. The manager, Nathan Gitchell owned the Burra and Manus Creek mining companies.
  • D & J Pollock - Kiandra

    D & J Pollock - Kiandra
    Kiandra GoldGold Discovered at Kiandra
  • Lambing Flats Riots

    Lambing Flats Riots
    Hostility towards the Chinese spilled over into violence on several occasions. Caused by racism and that the Chinese were seen as harder working people.
  • Deep Lead Mining - Laurel Hill

    Deep Lead Mining - Laurel Hill
    Over two hundred tunnels and shafts were sunk in the Laurel Hill area to reach gold deposits.
  • Coolgardie WA

    Gold discovered by Bayley and Ford
  • Hannan

    Gold discovered at Kalgoorlie in WA
  • Union Jack Gold Mining Company

    Was formed from the Good Hope Mining Company with GT Heinecke as manager. Worked close to Tumbarumba township using the Creek. Heinecke patent jet elevator was installed in 1905. The company folded in 1908. 3000 ounces were recovered.