By _Joel_
  • Governor George

    Governor George Gipps moves to suppress all reports of gold discoveries in New South Wales.
  • The first official gold find

    Hargraves claimed that he was first person to find gold in Australia in Ophir
  • Period: to

    Lambing Flat

    They first discorverd gold in Lambing Flat in 1860.Many of the 22000 miners were Chinese.Over 3000 European diggers Tried to force out the Chinese and it resulted in the most violant attack on the Chinese miners
  • The largest find of gold

    Beyers and Holtermann Specimen is the largest amount of gold an estimated 3,000 ounces of gold.It was found at The Star of Hope mine in Hill End
  • Temora

    Temora had a population of 20 000
  • WA

    First WA gold discoveries at Halls Creek
  • WA Large Gold

    Large amounts of gold found at the Murchison goldfield, WA.

    All the gold mines were flooded
  • Bayley and Ford

    •Bayley and Ford discover large gold deposits at Coolgardie in WA. 1893