Go Ask Alice By: anonymous

By Gingy8
  • 1-18 (18)

    There is this girl she is in high school and lives with her mom, dad, brother, and sister, she is the oldest. She just moved to a new school and has no friends. Her mom buggs her about her grades and school. She was on a diet but now she just eats.
  • The Replacement 343 ( 1-23) (41)

    There is a blood drive at their school. And he skips lunch which is when the blood drive is because he doesn't like blood or needles.
  • The Replacement by: Brenna Yovanoff (63)

    He (Mackie) Doesn't like the way people fixate on things.
  • The Replacement (82)

    He wanted to tell alice that he was sorry for his life being bizarre and for the things that are happening
  • The Repllacement (104)

  • The Replecement (129)