Go Ask Alice, Anonymous, 212 Pages, Non-Fiction

  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 1-28

    Alice's family moves to a new town where she has no friends. Eventually, she does make a friend named Beth. Alice and Beth are very best friends and talk to each other about everything.
    non-fiction, pages 1-28, running total: 28 pages
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 28-35

    During the summer, Beth goes to a Jewish summer camp so Alice goes to stay with her grandparents in her old town. While she's there she goes to this girls house and unknowingly tries LSD. Alice really enjoyed the experience, but says it was only a one time thing.
    non-fiction, pages 28-35, running total: 35
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 35-52

    Alice tries other drugs and loses her virginity. While she is still with her grandparents she runs into Rodger, an ex lover. He kisses her and they start liking each other again.
    non-fiction, pages 35-52, running total: 52
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 52-70

    Alice goes homes. She makes a new friend named Chris. Alice's parents are nagging her about her new 'hippie' style. Alice and Chris run away to San Fransico.
    non-fiction, pages 52-70, running total: 70
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 70-102

    Alice calls her mom and bother her and Chris return home. Everyone is so ecstatic that they'e back, and everything seems to be going peachy keen. They both manage to stay clean for a while, but eventually Alice and Chris both fall back onto drugs.
    non-fiction, pages 70-102, running total: 102
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 102-114

    Alice gets caught again and is on probation and is practically on lockdown by her parents. She can't take it anymore and runs away again. She goes to Denver, and is very miserable.
    non-fiction, pages 102-114, running total: 114
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 142-163

    Alice's father lets her use his university's library to study. She meets a boy named Joel there. Alice and her whole family likes Joel. She babysits for this lady who's first babysitter canceled. While Alice is babysitting, the original babysitter comes all stoned and says she need the money. Alice calls the girl's parents and has her picked up. Alice gets a lot of trouble from the dopers for this. Alice's grandma dies and things start to go downhill.
    non-fiction, pgs 142-163, running total 163
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 115-142

    Alice finally talks to a priest and contacts her parents. She decides she wants a fresh start. She starts a new diary. Alice really focuses on school and spends practically all her time studying. The dopers at her school that she used to be involved with are pressuring her a lot and pushing her to do drugs again. They really hassle her and make it so she has no friends. Alice's grampa dies and the whole family is devasted. Her grandma comes to live with them.
    non-fiction, pgs 115-142, total: 142
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 164-194

    Alice babysits again. She eats some chocolate covered peanuts that are lased with drugs and she has a very bad trip and ends up in the hospital. She fractures her skull, rips out her hair, and tears her fingers off. Once she physically stable enough she's sent to a mental hospital. Even though she was drugged, some dopers who hate her say that she was on drugs again. Eventually, they retract their statements and Alice is released from the hospital.
    non-fiction, pgs 164-194, running total 194
  • Go Ask Alice, Pages 194-212

    Alice comes home. She feels a lot better and is actually socializing a lot. She hangs out with the squares of her school and they really seem to like her. Alice also gets to see Joel again on her birthday. Things are really looking up for Alice when she decides to end her diary. Three weeks after she ends her diary she is found dead in her room.
    non-fiction, pages 194-212, running total: 212