Global Warming and CO2

  • industrial revolution

    industrial revolution
    If the industrial revolution had not happened, the development of machinery had not been so fast and the effects of climate change would be less palpable.
  • search for fuel

     search for fuel
    If the search for fuel would have been more aware of the environmental damage it had not been so greedy with nature like it is now. The steam engine was one of the first transports that worked with fuels.
  • Global Warming

    Global Warming
    If concern for the accelerated global warming had not appeared, the countries would not be concerned for their emissions of CO2. The average global air temperature near the Earth's surface rose 0.74 ± 0.18 ° C over the period 1906-2005.
  • the ecosystem of polar bears

    the ecosystem of polar bears
    If continuous melting icecaps were not happening, the ecosystem of polar bears would not be in great danger. The ice in the areas inhabited by these animals is melting three weeks earlier than in the 1970s
  • the car that works with solar energy

      the car that works with solar energy
    Maybe if climate change and global warming had not been prominent facts since the last century there would be no search for environmentally friendly transport like the car that works with solar energy in 1982, the first solar car was driven.
  • alternative fuels

    alternative fuels
    If there had been an increasing pollution due to the use of fuels such as oil, there would be a search for alternative fuels such as biodiesel. In 1985 Silberberg (Austria) was produced the first biodiesel pilot plant from the seeds of colza and canola