The road

Glenn Saylor - The Road timeline

  • The Cave Dream

    The Cave Dream
    The man dreams he is walking into a cave where he sees a translucent beast within. the beast is a symbol of the terrible world the man and the boylive in.
  • Can of Coca Cola

    Can of Coca Cola
    The man and the boy come across an old Coke machine with one can left in it. The man gives his son the can and encourages him to have the whole thing to himself. Even in a desolate Earth, the man and th eboy find a small diamond in the rough.
  • Flashback to the Woman

    Flashback to the Woman
    One night, the man has a flashback to the evening his wife left him and the boy. the woman simply leaves the two because she does not want to live in this terrible world.
  • the men in the truck

    the men in the truck
    One morning the man wakes up to the sound of the truck. he quickly gets the boy up and they run and hide. the truck stops and someone sees the boy and man. the man eventually shoots him, using one of his two precious bullets.
  • The man's home as a child

    The man's home as a child
    As they travel along the road, the man and the boy come across the house that the man grew up in. the man goes into the house without even thinking what could be in it, where the boy is aprehensive of going inside. the man relives some of his precious childhood dreams while he visits the house.
  • The Man Struck by Lightning

    The Man Struck by Lightning
    Along the road, the man and the boy encounter someone who seems to have been struck by lightning. The boy wants to help him and give him food, but the father says no. The boy is upset with his father because of his decision because the boy wants to help everybody.
  • The Cellar

    The Cellar
    the man and the boy come across a house full of clothes, bedding, and shoes. As they search the house, they see a locked door and decide to open it. In the cellar they find emaciated bodies, kept alive for others to eat them. this event horrifies the boy.
  • Bunker

    Just as it seems all hope is lost for the man and the boy, they manage to fund a bunker underground. In the bunker, they find food, blankets, clothes, soap, and other comforts of the old world. They stubmle upon this slice of heaven as the man accepts that he was about to die. once he finds the bunker he knows that he is going to live just a little bit longer.
  • Ely

    while traveling one day, the man and the boy find an old blind man named Ely. the boy gives him food, against the fathers judgement. they have dinner that night and even give him some food when they part ways in the morning.
  • Pregnant Woman

    Pregnant Woman
    One day on the road, the man and the boy spot two men, and a pregnant woman traveling. they hide and let them pass. the next morning they see where they had their campfire and when they approach it, they see a baby roasting on a spit over the fire. this event shows how desperate people are to survive.
  • The Coast

    The Coast
    reaching the coast is what the man and the boy were traveling for all along. they believe that there will be more "good guys" there and better chances of survival.
  • Death of The Man

    Death of The Man
    soon after reaching the coast, the man dies, leaving the boy with no idea what to do.
  • The Other Good Guys

    The Other Good Guys
    Shortly after his fathers death, the boy stumbles across a man, a woman, and their children. The man reveals to the boy that they have been following the man and the boy. The boy is reluctant to go with them, but soon decides that they are not going to hut him. he says his last goodbye to his dead father and then he sets out with his new fmaily.