Getting the Girl by Markus Zusak - fiction - 261

  • pgs.1-37

    this section was about him explaining how his brother is extremely good with womsan and can get any girl he wants
  • Period: to

    getting the girl

  • Period: to

    getting the girl

  • 38-67

    this section is about how he never really lived uyp ti his to older brothers and it is also about his brorthers new girl fruiend wgho he falls in love with
  • 68-112

    this section talks about how cameron starts to fall for octavia and she wants him to wait in front of her house every day
  • 113-200

    this part is about how they basicly start dating and they hang out more and octavia wants to take cameron to her favorite spot witch is in a really high place and he is very scared of hights
  • 201-261

    in this section the two brothers are brought togather again because rube the second oldest gets beatin to a bloody pulp and carrys him all the way home and so they make up