George Washington

  • George Washington is born

  • Augustine Washington, George's father, dies suddenly of a stomach disorder

  • death of his brother, Lawrence.

  • Mission into Ohio Country

  • Washington marries Martha Dandridge Custis and becomes, overnight, one of the richest men in the colonies.

  • Second in Command of Virginia Forces

  • Washington Starts French & Indian War

  • Boston Massacre

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    British soldiers and colonial militia clash at Lexington and Concord in what will come to be known as the first battles of the Revolutionary War.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Colonial militia fight the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston, inflicting heavy losses on the British
  • Reading of Declaration of Independence

    Washington orders that the newly published Declaration of Independence be read aloud to the troops.
  • Newburgh Address

    Washington delivers his famous Newburgh Address.
  • Official End of Revolutionary War

    The Treaty of Paris formally ends the Revolutionary War and recognizes American independence.
  • First President

    Secretary of the Congress Charles Thomson informs Washington that he has just been elected president of the United States.
  • Beginning of French Revolution

    French revolutionaries storm the Bastille prison in Paris, marking the start of the French Revolution. The Marquis de Lafayette, Washington's close friend, will be an important player in the ongoing Revolution.
  • Jefferson vs. Hamilton

    Federalists backing Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Republicans backing Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson begin to clash over the chartering of a national bank. Washington sides with Hamilton.
  • Treaty of San Lorenzo

    The Treaty of San Lorenzo, signed with Spain, opens the Mississippi River to American navigation, spurring westward expansion.
  • Jay's Treaty

    Washington signs Jay's Treaty with England, negotiated over the course of the previous year. It avoids war with Britain and protects American commercial interests, but is incredibly unpopular among Republicans.
  • John Adams Inaugurated Second President

  • Death of George Washington

    Sick with a throat infection he acquired riding in the rain (and made worse by medical treatment), Washington dies at Mount Vernon. His wife and personal slave are by his side.